The most interesting technology trend of the past year was undoubtedly No Code and Low Code. Even those who have not met before have heard the name of these technologies a lot in the last year and have started to wonder what problems these technologies can solve for their businesses. In the graph below, you can see the No Code search trend from 2019 to the present.

Businesses that want to digitize their business or digitize their processes constantly need new software or updates in their existing software inventories in this process called 'Digital Transformation'. In short, software is at the heart of digital transformation.

However, there are some problems here; First of all, software development is a difficult and costly process to manage. In addition, the gap between the need for software and the workforce of software developers is gradually widening. Today, the software workforce is far from meeting the industry's needs. As it is known, in developed countries such as Germany, there are many companies that want to transfer software developers from all over the world to their staff with tempting benefits.

This is where No Code comes into play. It offers the opportunity to develop applications without coding, that is, not with software developers, but with developers who are not programmers. This is achieved by moving from the traditional method of application development to a development method based on visual tools such as drag and drop and practical applications. Below you see a sample drag and drop development screen.

According to Gartner, 65% of all app development in the next 5 years will be done in-house using No Code – Low Code tools. So now the in-house application development era begins.

Whatever software your company needs, there will be a No Code platform that will provide it. Companies that can adapt quickly to this process will achieve their digital transformation. As in nature, the one who can adapt quickly to the transformation will survive, not the strong one in the upcoming period. And the way to adapt to digital transformation is through No Code.

What Can You Do With No Code?

You will need to use the applications you need in your company in an integrated way with others. No Code will allow you to quickly develop and use an application just for your needs and integrate it with your existing infrastructure. You can develop an ERP application from scratch with No Code in your company, you can develop only an HR module or even a permission request application consisting of only one form.

To give a few examples;

A user – a non-programmer – can add a required field to their screen in the CRM application.

Your company needs a platform to support its customers, but ready-made software in the market either does not meet your needs or brings high costs.

An HR or IT user can develop an application for use within their department without writing code.

A sales representative needs an application that can import the Excel file containing the opportunity records in order to evaluate his opportunities and work on it immediately and generate reports.

In all such needs, No Code systems can be easily integrated with your existing applications or needs can be met quickly. This will bring the flexibility and digitalization that your company, your employees and all of your customers need, at your fingertips.

The limit of what you can do with No Code varies between different platforms. What they have in common is that these applications eliminate the need and costs of software developers in the development processes, and provide the users in your company with the ability to develop applications.