The most important issue of recent years is the digital transformation of institutions and the developments in this journey. The increase in competition and the fact that customer satisfaction has come to the fore in all sectors, without exception, has made digital transformation a necessity for growing and developing companies.

Research shows that 67% of businesses are aware of the necessity of digitalization in order to survive and they plan to invest in this regard. However, it is very important to allocate resources for a successful digital transformation and to use these resources efficiently. produce and complete it as soon as possible.

Software is at the center of digital transformation. The biggest impasse in the projects of transferring all business processes of companies to software is the lack of qualified human resources, namely software developers, developing software with a long and troublesome process, and high costs. clearly stated in international reports.

No Code / Low Code software development methodologies, which have been a rising trend since 2016, appear as a serious solution to open the bottleneck. Developing the required software by drag and drop, thanks to No Code / Low Code development platforms with fast-learning visual interfaces, saves both time and money. stands out with its solution to the need for qualified software developers.

In this market, which is predicted to reach a market size of 187 Billion USD in 2030, it is estimated that three out of every four businesses will be a No Code / Low Code platform user. While accelerating with the company, it allows the development of the needed business applications in a way that will meet the needs of the business 100%.

Thanks to the Xpoda platform, where many applications from crm applications to human resources, from production planning/monitoring software to warehouse management projects can be developed rapidly, software developers can respond to business needs by developing software up to 20 times faster instead of wasting time between repetitive codes. While providing the opportunity to develop easily from a single point, it is possible to use the software as iOS, Android app or web via browser with a single development. This new software development trend is becoming indispensable for businesses that want to transform rapidly and software developers who are overwhelmed by difficult software development processes.

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