A sustainable digital transformation story

TorkCheck, using the solutions developed by SuperCode on the Xpoda Platform, completes the digitalization operation in accordance with the principles of efficiency, sustainability and traceability.

Continuing its activities in the energy sector and verticalizing its expertise in wind energy installation, installation and maintenance operations, TorkCheck continues its operations abroad, including many regions and provinces of Turkey, and continues to grow with its rising momentum.


Due to the pandemic conditions, the inefficiency of physical meetings, the stress of the urban life and the fact that companies are located in different addresses, the remotely managed project, despite all the difficulties; It was successfully completed in a very short time, in accordance with the needs of TorkCheck, with the flexible structure of Xpoda Platform and the contributions of SuperCode's experienced developers.


Completing the digitalization operation in accordance with the principle of efficiency, sustainability and traceability, TorkCheck's gains with the applications developed using the Xpoda Platform can be listed as follows:


  • Mobilizing operations in the field,
  • Quick access to the data needed at the time of need,
  • Creation and archiving of company memory,
  • Informing managers about all processes through approval mechanisms,
  • Digitization of purchasing processes,
  • Digitization of ISG processes,
  • Digitization of project management,
  • Digitization of advance and expense management,
  • Ability to integrate with commercial software and provide consolidated reports.