No Code for Retailers

No Code for Retailers

We got together with IT leaders of leading retail companies and had a wonderful workshop

Industry is changing at immense speed. Customers expects more and retailers needs to react change. Last week (01.02.2020) we met with retailers organized by ITRetail organization to explore the change industry is having and opportunities provided by No Code development.

Retail is one of the most dynamic business area. You should anticipate your end customers right and reflect it to your business processes in quickest way. No Code development and Xpoda offers tremendous opportunities to retailers.

Most distinguished areas that Xpoda can offer most benefits are;

BI and Dashboards 

Many retailers needs to visualize their data to track and analyze sales channel performances (shops, online etc), product data etc. Xpoda can offer easy to create dashboards for management and detailed reports to drive company with solid knowledge.

Operational Efficiency 

Retail companies need more software than ever for their digital transformation and operational efficiency. For example; most retailer needs a Customer Support system that is for getting requests from consumers and track them. This will help to increase overall customer satisfaction. Many other examples came into discussion.