Removed row limitation in database wizard
Bug fix

When trying to update functions or procedures in the database wizard, the queries came up to a certain line and the query was interrupted. After the relevant edit, the query limitation has been removed.

The action added when clicking the Detail Button in the list does not work
Bug fix

Fixed the "Detail is Opened" action not working from list actions.

Database icon

The icon that means it cannot be added when drag-and-drop in the database query wizard has been removed.

Displaying the content in fields with a password mask
New Feature

By bringing the Show feature to textbox fields with a password mask, the password you have written is visible.

Space problem at the bottom of the form
Bug fix

In order to correct the gap at the bottom of the form, css adjustments were made to ensure that the calculations are made again when the size of the browser window is changed.

Position of popup tuning window for list cube
Bug fix

Fixed the issue where the adjustment window for the List (Cube) element was displayed too low.

Fixed the issue where radio button elements were overlapping
Bug fix

In the Responsive form, when more than one radio button element is added one below the other, the data overlaps because the area occupied by the element does not change. The problem is fixed by ensuring that the element takes up space according to the data inside.

File attachment element
Bug fix

In the file upload element, the files that can be added can be limited according to the supported file extensions. In the related control, the file extensions were checked only if it was a single file. When uploading by selecting multiple files in the file attachment area, all file extensions were controlled.

The number of files to be added can be limited in the file attachment element. Since the work of the maximum number of files field came according to the adding step, there were errors. When the addition was made, the control was provided according to the maximum number of files.

Editing date fields in the list

If the date fields are left blank, the date 1899 is returned in the lists. If the field is left blank, the date fields are set to be null in the lists.

Displaying the pivot adjustment window
New Feature

Made the pivot adjustment window only be displayed if opened by the user. It was turned on by default in previous versions.

Icons added to the menu are not visible on the client side
Bug fix
  Xpoda Client

The icons added during the menu definition are now displayed on the client side.

When creating a public form in studio, masking the password and showing hide options
New Feature

Studioda public form adayken Kullanıcı Şifresi şifresi açık olarak gelir. Şifrenin maskelenip göster/gizle ancak eklendi.

The default language can be selected for the client.
New Feature

Default language for Xpoda Client can be set at client web.config file by :


<add key="DefaultCulture" value="tr-TR"/> <!-- en-US tr-TR -->

Mobile developments

Mobile improvements made in the Xpoda Mobile application with Version 2.12;
Fixed the issue where the Open Tab action opened the wrong tab in the mobile app.
Fixed the issue where the list contents were not displayed due to the use of special characters in the list titles in the Mobile Application.

In the case of closing all the ready-made buttons in the mobile application, the button in the form of three lines with the form button groups continued to appear. If all actions are turned off, this button is hidden.

OCR Functionality
New Feature

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that allows documents to be converted into editable and searchable data.

With the OCR feature, the texts in the documents are read and saved to the database.

There are multiple uses for the OCR feature on the Xpoda Platform. You can create your own templates with the "OCR Template" option on the ready-made buttons on the client. You can transfer the relevant data to the tables. "Read Content" developed for OCR use (OCR)" and "Read Content Template" actions, you can transfer your data to the fields on the form.


Related actions are Read Content (OCR)


  • Read Content (OCR)
  • Read Content (OCR) Template

OCR can be used in Xpoda Mobile Application and Web environments. You can refer to the link below for documentation of newly added actions for OCR use.



Documentation :
Updating Studio User Password
New Feature

The authorized user can change the studio password.

If you are an authorized user, the "Users & Rights" menu will be listed on the left menu on your studio home page.

You can update the password with the "Change Password" button by selecting the user whose password you want to change.

Problem with opening user submenus in other languages
Bug fix

If other languages ​​are written in the client's menu title (in russian, arabic, bulgarian, greek and serbian languages), the problem of submenus not opening has been fixed.

On value change not working in number box
Bug fix

Fixed the issue where the on value change action in the figure box element did not work.

The weather element has been removed.

The weather element has been removed as it is not usable.

Cannot Be Empty error message
Bug fix

The Cannot be empty action makes the areas that cannot be empty red and gives a single warning.

The warning message field in the action at the Xpoda Studio has been removed and a constant warning message has been provided.