What is
No Code Development ?

No Code is a visual development methodology. ‘No Code’ part implies that no textual code required to develop an application. Rather than traditional coding, No Code offers a visual development environment that enables any individual can create a business application by drag and dropping visual elements to a canvas and define relations between them. Business logic of an application is often provided by a Business Process Model editor that user can also visually model a business work flow.

In Xpoda, visual development environment called Xpoda Studio offers you best in class online development environment.

With No Code development, non technical developers of company can involve in application development processes together with the IT and collaborate on the digital transformation of the company.

No Code development now allows to develop a wide range applications from upgrading legacy applications to mobile applications.


What you can do with Xpoda?

Xpoda designed to build all types of business software and it is proven that you can develop any kind of business applications without hassle. In a range of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications to SCM (Supply Chain Management) applications Xpoda empowers you to design, create enterprise applications and integrate with your existing ERP systems.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Although these two terms are being used interchangeably, they are both different but similar Rapid Application Development methodologies.

Low Code, as name implies, a rapid application development methodology or technology that enables developing applications using less code compared to traditional software development.

On the other hand, No Code promises to develop applications using minimum or no code at all. This promise is provided via visual development environment and drag and drop development as you might be familiar from recent web site development tools.

At Xpoda, our target is to provide fastest development processes to business users to let them create enterprise level business application with no-to-minimal code.

It is blazingly fast. You can create a simple “Hello World” style application in seconds. Login to Xpoda Studio ®, drag and drop some UI controls and click “Save” and “Run”. You will see your application is up and running live.

Developing more complex applications is 20x faster than traditional software development. For example you can develop a comprehensive CRM application in a couple of days. Xpoda is built with agile development philosophy so your team doesn’t need to create detailed documentation for producing software, we rather prefer to deliver working software real fast.

For more information on this go to : Xpoda Features

Xpoda is a No Code development platform so you only need to write code for data manipulation purposes. If you know SQL (Structured Query Language) you will have ability to manipulate data, columns and implement some business logic into it.

You can create software for many scenarios, however Xpoda is best works for your enterprise’s software needs. Here’s a list that you can create ;

  • CRM application
  • BI analytics dashboards
  • Mobile applications runs on smart devices
  • Any business efficiency application

Rest is up to your imagination.

Visual development is a methodology that developer basically focuses not writing code instead creating user interfaces corresponds business scenarios. In a typical visual development process developer drags and drops controls onto canvas to create screens, link these controls with actions or triggers and select data sources to bind these.

Our development environment called Xpoda Studio ® enables you with advanced development envrionment that you can login and start using online from everywhere.

Xpoda can scale on cloud or on premise as your requirements grow. It happens automatically so it guarantees availability of your application under higher loads.

If you prefer On Premise installations Xpoda experts will provide consultancy for high load usages.a

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Çalışan Uygulamalar, Yüksek Başarı!

Kurumsal ihtiyaçlarınız, küçük işletmeniz veya müşterileriniz için Xpoda platformu pratik çözümler üretmenizi ve proje sürelerinizin azalmasını sağlar. Birkaç gün içerisinde projelerinizi hayata geçirebilir, kısa sürede başarı hikayenizi yaratabilirsiniz. Şimdi Xpoda platformuna geçin.

IT Leaders

IT Leaders

Build enterprise applications in hours and empower your digital transformation with Xpoda no code platform.

IT Leaders
For Founders

For Founders

Develop the application you need in minutes without software developer team. Grow your business starting today.

For Founders
Solution Providers

Solution Providers

Provide solutions for your customers using Xpoda, reduce your project durations.

Solution Providers