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Full edition 30 day trial.

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  • Max 5 users
  • Free app store try outs
  • Unlimited apps for 30 days
  • Limited Reports & Dashboards
  • Development & Live Environments
  • Runs on Xpoda Cloud
  • 0.5 GB Storage
  • Community Support

Month / per user

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  • Unilimited Users
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Unlimited Reports & Dashboard
  • Development & Live Environments
  • Public Cloud (AWS / Azure)
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 8x5 Support

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  • Unilimited Users
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Unlimited Reports & Dashboard
  • Development, Test, Education and Live Environments
  • Public Cloud (AWS / Azure) / On Premise
  • 2 GB Storage
  • 8x5 Support (24x7 Optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to help you to choose best subscription for you. Please check frequently asked questions and let us know if we can help.

Xpoda is free for 30 days trial. In trial you will have 5 users and be able to create unlimited number of apps. Also, you can download any application from App Store for free and try it out during trial period.

Identify your needs first to determine best fitting solution for you. In Professional Edition you will have unlimited application option. You can use this edition with Unlimited user.

If you need tailor made solution for your company, just choose Enterprise version and contact with us. Our experts will be more than happy to help creating best fit solution for you. Click here to contact with our experts.

Yes, you can try and evaluate Xpoda Platform for 30 days and it’s completely free.  To get started with Xpoda please click Start Now link. No credit card info is required to create your account. After trial period you can purchase license and continue using the platform.

No, currently we don’t have monthly payment option. All payments are made annually. Payments are done over secure channels, so you can make your payments in confidence.

Yes, Xpoda Platform also works on premise model. To start with On Premise model, specific requirements and required additional services has to be clarified. Please contact us via our Contact Page.

Apps on Xpodium store are free to use during free trial period. While evaluating Xpoda Platform, you can install any Xpodium application for free and try them also.

After trial phase, you need to purchase any paid application in order to continue using applications.

Sure. After logging in Xpoda Studio access your subscriptions from the left-hand menu. From that page you can upgrade or extend your membership and also purchase additional client users for your organization.

Xpoda licensing is based on Client Access Licensing (CAL). Basically, you need a client license for each user that you want to provide client access.

Furthermore, Xpoda Platform only counts concurrent users. For example; if you have 50 users but 10 concurrent users at most, purchasing 10 CAL  would be enough.

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Only concurrent users count

At Xpoda, only concurrent users count. Our system limits only concurrent logins means if you have Standart or Free edition subscription you only pay for concurrent users logged in.

More than 20 free templates

XPoda subscriptions offer 20 free templates to make you start with ready to use applications. Free templates are feature complete applications those you can install and run with a single click. After installation you can update and change them as you want.

No hidden costs

Once you have created a subscription you will not be surprised with hidden costs. All subscription models contain all required functions and features that you might need for no code development. Difference between subscription models are projects that you can create, concurrent user count and deployment environments.

10x users for public forms

Public forms are applications that you can build and serve for anonymous usage. Xpoda will create a public link for them and you can share it with your colleguaes or your customers to use it. Public forms have concurrent user limit 10 times of your user limit ie. if you have 50 users then you will have 500 users for public forms.