Xpoda Support Support System started to be used.
New Feature

Xpoda Support Support System has been developed. You can log in to the system with your Studio information (Username and Password).

Xpoda Support Support System allows you to open a ticket (support request) regarding the problems you encounter.

With this system, you can open a new request and find answers to your requests.

Your new development requests are prioritized to provide a more efficient customer experience.



Documentation : https://support.xpoda.com/
Submitting Multiple Data in Linked Forms
Bug fix
  Xpoda Client

If the drop-down box was open for multiple data selection while sending data to linked forms, only the last selected record from the contents selected in the main form would be transferred to the linked form.

If multiple data is selected in the drop-down box, when the information is transferred to a new form with the linked form, all selections are transferred to the new form.

Xpoda Mobile App not appearing in Play Store
Bug fix

Fixed the mobile app not appearing in the Play Store on versions below Android V11.

French Language
Bug fix
  Xpoda Studio, Xpoda Client

When switching to different languages ​​using the client multi-language feature, the problems experienced in switching to French language have been fixed.

Icon Adding Issue
Bug fix
  Xpoda Studio

When searching and adding an icon to any element in Xpoda Studio, if another element is selected, the last selected icon in the icon list was added automatically. This issue has been fixed.

Value update textbox error with C# libray call
Bug fix

When using the value update action with C# Library, the updated value is not written in the text box of the updated field.

Documentation : https://docs.xpoda.com/hc/tr/articles/360016637520-C-ile-%C3%96zel-Geli%C5%9Ftirme-ve-Entegrasyon-i%C3%A7in-DLL-Class-Library-Kullan%C4%B1m%C4%B1-
Inability to delete added elements in Responsive Forms
Bug fix
  Xpoda Studio

The problem that elements such as Rich Text, Calendar and Button Group in Responsive Forms cannot be deleted after they are added to the form has been fixed.