Mobile Xpoda Lite application has been prepared.

Mobile Xpoda Lite application has been prepared.

Grid Element Edits

In the grid, when the List type option is selected, List can be opened on the client side with F10 or the magnifying glass. In this section, there was a problem that the list could not be opened and the related field had css corruption, these problems were fixed.


If there are too many column headers in the grid element, there is too much proximity between the columns and the headers could not be read properly. To fix this image, the "Field Length" value in the grid field authorization should be increased. In this way, the image distortion can be corrected.


Fields in the form could not be used with the expression " : " in the SQL field in the grid. The availability of $P expressions taken with " : " in the SQL field has been provided.

Fixed the Run Action action not working issue.
Bug fix

Fixed the Run Action action not working issue.

List options availability when right-clicking the grid element

When right-clicking on the grid element, there were options such as group as in the list element, save the view, delete the saved view. These features were removed because they were not suitable for use in the grid. Only export to excel, export pdf and print options are available for grid.

In the Grid element, pdf export was displayed as a blank page, the related problem was fixed.

Waiting screen should be shown when loading data with CSV

While recording on the grid with the Load CSV Data action, if too much data is transferred, a waiting time may be required depending on the size of the data.
Since no warning was given during this process, users could think that no action was taken and try to perform the same action again or go to different screens. In order to prevent such situations, the waiting screen is provided while the recording is loading.


Open Form Actions fixes
Bug fix

"Save when turned on" option was not working in Open Form (Linked) action, this problem has been fixed.
When the "Save when turned on" option is activated in the relevant action, the form will be saved as soon as the linked form is opened.

When the "Record Selection List" is open in the Open Form (List) action, if there is an auto-expanding list in the form, the drop-down list opens narrowly, and the list is displayed correctly when the window size is changed. The problem has been fixed.

Using $P in the url field in the Goto Url (Open Link) action
New Feature

$P parameters could not be used in the link field in the Goto Url (Open Link) action.
With the new development, the fields in the form are available in $P and the fields in the form in the url part.


List values are not displayed when special characters are used in list titles

Certain studies have been carried out before, regarding list values not appearing when special characters are used in list titles.

In addition to these works, corrections were made for ', (, ), % (single quotes, commas and percent characters).

Re-adding the same file in a single record in the Add File element is restricted.

The Add File element has been improved so that the same file is not re-added in a single record. More than one file with the same file name will not be added in a single record.

Mask property of textbox element
Bug fix

Phone - Credit Card and Password masks could be selected in the mask property of the Text Box element, but the template that came to the client side did not automatically fit the data into the mask area. Fixed related corruptions in masks.

New Feature

Adds a subform element to the form as an element. Adds the form determined as a subform to the main form. Sub Form element should be added to the free form. (Linked form can be responsive or free form.) Display: Determines the visibility of the subform on the client screen. Module: The module of the subform is selected. Form: The relevant form of the subform is selected. Sub Form Mapping: It takes the matching information to the subform by matching the relevant fields in the form. Subform Grid element is not displayed in the form element.

SUB FORM REFRESH action "Sub Form Refresh" action can be used to update an empty subform element. It is the action used to refresh the subform element as an element added to the form. Value Area: The subform element to be updated is selected. Module: The module of the subform to be updated is selected. Form: To be updated The relevant form of the subform is selected. Sub Form Mapping: It maps the relevant fields in the form and takes the matching information to the subform. An empty subform element can be updated once with the "subform refresh" action. An updated subform cannot be updated again with a new refresh action.


After deleting a form in Studio, the newly added form is inactive
Bug fix

After a form is deleted in studio, the first newly added form deactivates itself and cannot be assigned as a menu in the client. In this case, users had to reactivate their forms.
With the new development, it has been fixed that the new form added after the form is deleted becomes passive.

Change of infotext texts according to client active language
New Feature

Placeholder texts could be written in the "Infotext" part of the properties of the textbox element. In order to ensure that the relevant field changes according to the language, relevant arrangements were made in the other languages section of the textbox element. In this section, it is provided to write the infotext text that is requested to be displayed according to the active language of the client side.

Added ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight parameters
New Feature

ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight parameters have been added to the values taken with " : " in query fields.

ScreenWidth: Returns the width of the form in pixels.

ScreenHeight: Returns the height of the form in pixels.

Updated $POctopodGridActiveColName to $PXpodaGridActiveColName in values retrieved with " : " in query fields.

CSS work added to the list
Bug fix

Custom css added to the list could not interfere with the list correctly. For example; margin-top was affecting the first line of the list, causing a space between the header and list lines. Fixed the issue with the custom css settings of the list.

Flow regulations
New Feature

In the confirmation element (Send to Approvel) in the flow, mail was sent to both the task window and the user's e-mail address in each confirmation. By activating this feature, no mail will be sent.

The query could not be written to the Decription field in the Send Approval element in the flow. The use of sql has been activated in the relevant field.

In case of problems with any object in the use of objects in the flow, then the objects created afterward were not working. By checking the status of each object separately, the situation that the problem experienced in any object affects other objects has been eliminated.

Even when no changes are made to the form, the save button flashes green when clicking Flow. Direct run doesn't work before the form had to be saved. This issue has been fixed.

$PEndDB issue

While the database name was written in the Integration DB field in the module, when the wizard prepared a query from a table in the Integrations field, the name of the database was written directly. It works when $PEntDB$ is written manually, it causes an error because it returns quotes when taken with colons.

When querying from Integration Tables, the database name is provided as $PEntDb.

Previous use:


Usage after development:

Changing icon color
Bug fix

The icon color added to the form elements was not displayed on the client side, this problem has been fixed.

The error in the Previous & Next field has been fixed, the written query is made to work.
Bug fix

The error in the Previous & Next field has been fixed, the written query is made to work.

No letters should be written in the number box.

In the previous version, letters could also be entered in the number box, and the letters were deleted when exiting the field. This could break such actions when used with actions such as when the value changes. No letters can be written in the number box.

Fixed an issue where users arrive late in menu copying
Bug fix

The menu of the desired user can be copied with the "Call Menu" operation in the client admin panel. When the menu is copied using the "Call Menu" operation in the client admin panel, the users whose menu is to be copied were arriving late. In order to avoid this delay, a search is provided after typing three letters from the user's name.

Client screen Form title disappears when the page is refreshed.
Bug fix

When clicking on the menus on the client screen, the selected Form name was displayed in the upper left corner. But this information was lost when the page was refreshed. This information is also displayed when the page is refreshed.

Search problem in combobox element
Bug fix

It could not return the search result according to Turkish characters due to uppercase and lowercase I-i letters in the Combobox element. This issue has been fixed.

Subtotal operations in Open Form List action
New Feature

Sub Total found the property in the List element, but it was not in the properties of the Open Form (List) action. With the related development, the use of this feature in the Open Form (List) action has been improved.

Adding file and grid element usage limit should be added

Add File and Grid elements are elements that can be used only once in the form.
When these elements are added more than once, related warnings are provided in the studio.

A warning message is given to the Add File element when a new file with the same name is added in a single record.

The method selected in the DLL trigger field does not appear when reopened
Bug fix

The method selected in the DLL trigger area was not visible in the studio, although the related action did not lose the data when it was reopened. Users could experience confusion in this part. Fixed the issue where the selected parameters were not visible when the action was reopened.

Getting value from object to number box
Bug fix

With the Create new data object action, the object was created and the same number from the object was brought to only 1 of them when the 2 number boxes were pressed. This issue has been fixed.

Fixed not being able to add elements when a new tab is opened
Bug fix

When a new tab was opened, elements could not be added to the form until double-clicked on the form. This issue has been fixed.

Added "Download Image" option in areas with images.
New Feature

"Download Image" option has been added to the options that appear when right-clicking on the image element, the image list and the image in the list.


Change properties, itself option in clear actions
New Feature

Change properties and Clear Content actions did not have the option itself. The elements with these actions were also displayed in the fields field, allowing them to make changes on themselves.

Change Properties Action on Figure Box and Dropdown Box elements
Bug fix

When CSS type changes were made to Figures Box and Drop Down Box elements with the Change Properties action, the relevant changes were only displayed when the element was clicked. This issue has been fixed.

Rich Text element
New Feature

In order to hide the editing options of the Rich Text element and to show only the text, the "Hide Header" parameter has been added to the properties of the element in the studio. When the Hide Header parameter is activated, it closes the properties title of the rich text box.


Since the field type of the richtext element is not enough, the data type can be used as "text" in fields with table-length value greater than 4000 in richtext element and textboxes.

Warning messages
New Feature

Warning messages on the Xpoda platform were constantly displayed in the upper right corner. With the new development, warning messages are provided according to the selection made from the studio.
Top-right: Top right
Bottom-right: Bottom-right
Bottom-left: Bottom-left
Top-left: Top-left
Top-full-width: Full-width on top
Bottom-full-width: Full-width at the bottom
Top-center- Top-center
Bottom-center: Bottom-center
one of the parameters can be selected.

If there is a registered action even though the field is deleted, a new element of the same type is added to the registered action.
Bug fix

If there is a registered action in any element used, when the relevant element is deleted, the same action is automatically registered in the new element of the same type added. The related issue has been fixed.

Sizing of linked form opened in calendar usage
New Feature

In the use of the calendar, two new parameters have been added to the studio side that will enable the resize of the edit form opened when double-clicked to edit the data in the calendar. (Form Width/ Form Height)

  • Form Widht: Sets the width value when resizing the Edit form.
  • Form Height: Sets the height value when resizing the Edit form.


The "close form" action cannot be used after saving in the form that opens when the calendar tool is double-clicked.



Listing all actions in the form
New Feature

Knowing where, how and in what situation all the actions in the form are used will facilitate development. For this reason, with the new development made, when the form is clicked, all the actions in that form will be displayed in the "Linked Actions List" section.