Fixed the authorization and calculation problems in the Figures Box element.
Bug fix

Fixed the authorization and calculation problems in the Figures Box element.

Unable to perform Export to Excel operation in the Admin Panel
Bug fix

It was not possible to export to Excel on the user-based Input-output List in the Admin Panel. The problem has been fixed.

Text Edits

R.ID texts in warning text titles have been fixed as Info.
(In request confirmation messages, first document registration / last document registration information in the form)


Fixed the typo in the confirmation message that appears when the record is requested to be deleted.

When the field is hidden with Change Properties
New Feature

Hide and Visibility properties could be used in the Change Properties action. With this action, the desired fields could be hidden, but there would be as much space as the relevant element in the hidden fields.

A new feature has been added for responsive forms to hide their spaces when the relevant element is hidden. By adding 2 new options, there will be no spaces in the hidden fields when the field is hidden. When we say show again, the relevant fields are shown.

Client Chat Feature

Since the chat feature was active and the number of Client users was too high, all client users were displayed on the screen. Problems were occurring in the client. (Slow opening of options accessed by right-click on the list, slowness in loading forms on the client, slowness in opening menus, etc.)

For these reasons, it was ensured that only  Online users were brought on the Chat screen.

When the user wants to view their correspondence with an offline user or correspond with an offline person, they can reach offline users by searching for the relevant person with a minimum of 3 characters in the search field.

If the save place of the output designs is DB, it is not possible to print from the form actions.
Bug fix

If the save place of the printout designs is Database, it saves the printout designs, but since it is registered in the database, the report cannot be found and the form action cannot be printed. The related issue has been fixed.

Open Print Design Action SQL Query Field Cannot Take Figures Box Parameter
Bug fix

When taking a printout created with the Open Print Design action with the Print action, the form elements used in the WHERE condition of the Open Print Design action could not use the Figures Box parameter values in the parameters. Fixed an issue with the Figures Box element.

If the Table Name is Empty from the Form Properties while the Form Type is Report, the Output Design Tool does not work
Bug fix

If the Form Type is Report and the Table Name is Empty from the Form Properties, an error occurred when trying to create a new design. The problem has been fixed.

Table Name is Empty and Type Report is Selected


Received error screenshot

Combobox element work within the application in Safari
Bug fix

Fixed the "combobox" element not working in the application in the Safari web browser.