Run Condition Not Working Error With Xpoda Addon Feature
Bug fix

If the Xpoda Addon option is selected in the Update Value action, the run condition was not working, the related problem was fixed.

Unable to go to Homepage from Linked Forms
Bug fix

When trying to connect to the main form from the linked forms, it was not connecting to any form. Fixed related issue when using Open Form-Homepage action on linked forms.

Photo Size of Client Users

Photographs of client users are saved in a certain size.

Open Form - List Paging Error
Bug fix

When the Paging feature is turned on in the Open Form - List action, the query does not work and only the titles are displayed, the related problem has been fixed.

Public Link Language Option CSS Problem
Bug fix

In the forms shared with Public Link, there was a css problem in the language option, the related visual disturbance was corrected.

Unable to use $PUserTableID in chart query
Bug fix

Fixed issue where $PUserTableID could not be used in graphic element query.

Customer Version Information Regulations

It is provided to write which Xpoda version is on Studio.

Client Login for Users whose Initial Form is Not Defined

When a new user logs in to the client screen, it is necessary to define the Startup Form in the admin panel.

For users whose initial form is not selected, when Go app is called, it crashes into the Login screen.
A warning message is provided before the user is kicked out of the system.


Marking the Checkbox Area in the Grid Element
Bug fix

In order to remove the tick mark in the fields used as Checkboxes in the Grid, it was necessary to click somewhere else on the form. The related issue has been fixed.

Ready-made palette color selections in Color Picker fields
New Feature

Added ready palette color options in Color Picker fields.

Dynamic Operation of Radio Group Element

The Radio Group element was only loading on form opening. Later, the relevant element could not be intervened with the query. With the improvement made, the Radio Group element can be updated even after the form is loaded.

All open-close work in list right click properties
Bug fix

After the grouping in the right-click properties of the list element in the client, the Open all/close all feature was changing the arrow as if it were opening it as an image, but it did not make any changes. The related issue has been fixed.

Adding Custom Css and Js
New Feature

Css and Js changes can be made in places where changes are desired on Xpoda Client. The name of the added file is not important, it is sufficient that the file name ends with ".css".


The desired css files are added under this folder.

  • Xpoda.Client\Content\custom

The desired js files are added under this folder.

  • Xpoda.Client\Scripts\custom
Giving an Audible Warning Message
New Feature

By using the newly added action "Play Sound", an audible warning is provided.

3 different types of voice messages can be given as Warning, Error and Success.
Apart from these warning messages, if there is a different warning sound to be given, the desired sound warning can be given by adding it under the sound folder. The name of the sound file added under the Sound folder should be written in the Sql query.