Client HTTPS redirect
New Feature

As of version 2.8, SSL certificate and access over HTTPS were mandatory for the client. Added redirection for HTTP requests. ATTENTION: WEB.CONFIG requires update. Rewrite lines must be copied. Also, URLrewrite extention must be installed on IIS.

Installing URL Rewrite extension : URL Rewrite : The Official Microsoft IIS Site



<rule name="HTTPS force" enabled="true" stopProcessing="true">
<match url="(.*)" />
<add input="{HTTPS}" pattern="^OFF$" />
<action type="Redirect" url="https://{HTTP_HOST}{REQUEST_URI}" redirectType="Permanent" />



Using DLLs in a workflow
New Feature

In order to use the Xpoda Addons in your workflows, the "C# library" option is used by changing the Sql Server field in the query field of the Db Query object.

Documentation :
Performance Improvement in List Element

Added Page Size parameter for performance improvement in list element.


Right Panel added to Condition field in Open Form actions
New Feature

In the Right Panel option has been added to the Condition field in Open Form actions.

The newly added feature can be used in the new tab used in the form open actions, like the options in the new window, with the option on the right panel.
With a new form option to be opened on the right panel, it will be possible to easily access the desired forms.

Preventing external data entry into the date and date-time field

A disable typing parameter has been added in Date and Datetime elements to allow selection with only buttons and to prevent data entry from outside.

Saving print designs to database
New Feature

You can now keep your print designs in the database. To switch to this use, you need to make the following updates on your system:

1- Execute the following SQL statement:

[ReportID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[CustomerID] [int] NULL,
[ReportTitle] [varchar](100) NULL,
[FileData] [ntext] NULL,
[FormID] [int] NULL,
[ReportID] ASC


2- Run the following SQL statement:


3- Login to Xpoda Client Admin and update the following setting as "Database":


When you want to open a module by loading Excel, the button does not appear on the screen to continue.
Bug fix

When a new module is wanted to be created, when it is desired to continue by loading a module from the file, the button to continue did not appear on the screen, this problem has been resolved.

Combobox multi-select display issue
Bug fix

The height of the combobox element is displayed at the height specified in the studio, and the data selected in multi-selection takes up as much space as the text.

In Open Form (Linked) action, when Condition = In New Tab, menu and header do not appear
New Feature

When the form opened in the Open Form (Linked) action was opened in a new tab (when Condition = In New Tab), the left menu and header fields were not displayed. In the development made, the left menu and header sections were also provided in the form. 

Actions such as clear and change properties are displayed as linked actions in the Linked Action field.

Actions that affect multiple fields, such as clear content, change properties, are not displayed in the linked action section.

Added search panel for TreeList element

The action used to search the treelist element was causing the appearance of the element to deteriorate.

In the new version to be updated, the default search panel feature has been added when the treelist element is used.

With this development, when you switch to the new version, you will be able to do the search you need with the default search panel in the treelist element.

Adjustment of Display Time of Displayed Messages on the Screen

Messages given using the Show Message action would disappear from the screen after a certain period of time. In the development, the display time can be adjusted according to the Display Time(milliseconds) value added to the relevant action. This value should be written in milliseconds. The value 3000 must be entered for the message to be displayed for 3 seconds.

Meeting request adding a post - Send Meeting Request
New Feature

A new action for sending meeting requests added. You can create meeting requests automatically and send them to participant list.

Please refer documentation link below for details.

Documentation :
Subflow Feature
New Feature

Running the Subflow element;

It is the process of starting a new flow (sub-flow) in the flow and progressing the flow accordingly. Substreams allow you to design your streams in a modular way. A stream can have multiple substreams.

For details, you can get information from the link below:

Documentation :
Displaying the graphic element in the 2nd tab in the responsive form
Bug fix

The problem that the graphic is displayed when the graphic element is placed in the 2nd tab in the responsive form, has been fixed.

Horizontal usability of multi selection box in responsive forms
Bug fix

In order for the Selection box Multi element to be used horizontally or vertically in responsive forms, the vertical field in the properties of the element has been enabled to work actively.

Added custom references in DLL addon development

Custom references can be added in DLL addon development.

Previously it was as follows. This limitation has been removed. In this way, Addon developers can manage their dependencies themselves.

"The NuGet package or the libraries added as a reference while developing the .NET Class Library may be the libraries supported by Xpoda. Please click to access the list of them."

Styling Updates in Public Forms

Public Forms were previously displayed with a gray frame similar to Xpoda Client. In the form opened as a public form, these styles were removed and a simpler look was provided. In addition, in Embed uses, the height of the page is dynamically adjusted according to the content of the form.



Language Selection in Public Forms
New Feature

While creating a public form, the language selection can be made from the public form modal window.