• Due to the encryption method change, the Studio Run method will not work for our customers whose Client version is older than 2.6. You can turn this feature back on by updating your client version to 2.6.

  • Due to the encryption method change, your open forms created with the Create Public Link will not work for our customers whose Client version is older than 2.6. You can turn this feature back on by updating your client version to 2.6.
Client Excel
New Feature

Excel import feature has been added in the client. With this feature, you can retrieve the data of the form you have created via Excel.


Loading the given Client in my sample Excel table;

1- Select the "Upload File" button from the button options in the lower right corner of the client.


2- The file is selected with the Select files button. The data in my file is listed.


3- Mapping Field fields under Data Mapping are matched. Upload button is uploaded.

4- A warning message is received that the installation process is complete.

5- It is seen that all data on Excel is assigned as a record in the client.


Exporting Flow Monitoring Form to Excel
New Feature

With the newly added "Export to Excel" button, the list in the flow monitoring form has been transferred to excel.

Using the $PMenuText Property
New Feature

The feature of using the client menu name with "$P" in the form has been added. For the fields you want to come from the menu name on the form, the '$PMenuText$' parameter can be set to enable the menu name to be used dynamically on the form.



New Feature

Added new element Kanban to form elements.

You can create your kanban by filling in the Table Name, Group Column, Search Column, Color Definition fields on the newly added kanban element.


Menu Container Hidden
Bug fix

When we select the side menu as hidden in the client, the menu is hidden, but its container remains.  When the menu is hidden, its container is also hidden.


Flow Elements
Bug fix

When a new module is created, flow elements cannot be added to the form unless saving and logging in again, the problem has been fixed.

Bug fix

An error was received when a new recording was made while the "Delete button" feature of the Grid properties was turned on, the problem was resolved.


Group Box Header Coloring
Bug fix

When the title of the Group Box element is colored, it is not detected on the client side, the problem has been fixed.

Text Edits Made
Bug fix

The expression "It should be renewed" in the form properties was causing misunderstanding due to translation. It was fixed as "Do not refresh after save".

Security Improvements

Security improvements have been made.

Using Special Characters in List Titles

"/,?" in list column headers The list was not loading when special characters such as With the new development, the availability of special characters has been ensured.

Bug fix
  • The issue where the edit form does not open in the calendar element has been fixed.x
  • Data was not updated with drag and drop in the calendar element. The problem has been fixed.

  • Calendar Edit form has been made to work with Studio Run.
Validate Field Action
Bug fix

When the Validate Field action is saved and reopened, the Minimum-Maximum Value fields were not visible, the problem was fixed.

Erroneous Warning Message Fix
Bug fix

While the "Do not refresh on registration" feature in the form properties was turned on, an incorrect warning message was displayed during registration when the file was uploaded. 


When the deletion of the registered files is prevented with the form permissions, it first deletes the registered file and then gives the warning message that the file is not authorized to be deleted. The problem's been solved.

Tab Titles
Bug fix

Tab titles were not being read by the client after saving. The problem's been solved.

Group Box Header
Bug fix

Coloring the title of the Group Box element has been fixed.

List Coloring
In the list element, it was possible to color the list with the Color Style field. Added new type options that can be used for coloring.

Before the update, only 0 and 1 options could be used in the type field. Color coloring with 0 was possible, and Background Color coloring with 1. With the new development, 2, 3, 4 and 5 type options were added.

Type Usage

0  Color
1  Background Color
2  Color - Font-weight bold
3  Color - Font-style italic
4  Background - Font-weight bold
5  Background - Font-style italic

Bug fix

The e-signature element was only able to draw in a certain area when used in the second tab.

Tooltip Improvements Made
New Feature

Tooltip feature has been added in Studio that includes developer aids.

Tooltip messages on elements and actions have been added while working in Studio.

These messages can be activated or deactivated with the İ button on the top menu of the form. All hints are active when the i button is green. All hints will be passive when the button is clicked and the İ button turns red.



Open Form (List) Action
Bug fix

The List Value Field field in the Open Form (List) action was not visible after saving the action, the problem was fixed.