Background Color of Image Upload Control Updated
Bug fix
  Xpoda Client

Background color of Image Upload component was wrong and mismatch with client's theme. Issue was fixed.

Menu Hidden
Bug fix

When the left menu is hidden in the client, the Menu Hidden selection box does not remain active, the problem has been resolved.

Xpoda Cache / Xpoda Local Data
New Feature

Two new features have been added, Xpoda Cache and Xpoda Local Data, that will allow data to be read quickly.

  • Xpoda Cache allows keeping data on ram on the server side and presenting that data quickly when called.Xpoda Cache is a feature that works with Redis.
  • Xpoda Local Data allows keeping data locally, in the browser, and then presenting that data quickly when called.


You can keep a large amount of data that you want to pull on a list or dashboard on the server side with the Xpoda Cache structure, and in the browser with Xpoda Local Data, where you can read the data quickly when you want to use the same data again.

Added 6 new actions for Xpoda Cache and Xpoda Local Data features.

- Set Xpoda Cache
- Get Xpoda Cache
- Remove Xpoda Cache
- Set Xpoda Local Data
- Get Xpoda Local Data
- Remove Xpoda Local Data

Local Storage Actions
Bug fix

In Set Local Storage, Get Local Storage and Remove Local Storage actions, the Storage Name field did not appear after saving the action, the problem was resolved.

Removing Unused Element
Bug fix

"Selection Box" element was not used in responsive forms, this element was removed in responsive forms.

Added Row Size to The List
New Feature

By adding the "Row Size" line to the properties of the element in the list, the rows in the list can be dimensioned.

Mapping Addition Problem
Bug fix

Fixed an issue where the "Mapping" field was added to the action properties when reopening actions after saving them.

Mobile App Regulations
Bug fix
  • Updating the lists on mobile was causing errors, the problems were fixed.
  • The problem of closing the application on the screen that opens when the list is pressed in the mobile application has been fixed.
Kanban Element Improvements

Added new enhancements to the Kanban element.

It was ensured that the data in the existing columns does not disappear when they are finished.

A new column has been added and this view has been saved.

The sortability of the columns is ensured.

Mobile App Login Control
Bug fix

The active/passive status of the user is checked when logging into the mobile application.

Passive user is prevented from logging into the mobile application.

Downloading Xpoda Setup Files from Studio

With this development, Xpoda Platform setup files can be downloaded from Download link at Xpoda Studio.

Log Table Descriptions

Edited the comments in the XPODA_ERROR_LOGS table to include all error text.

Text Edits Made
Bug fix

The text "When the row is changed" from the actions in the list has been corrected as "When the row is selected".

Problem Showing Hidden Fields on Mobile
Bug fix

Fields hidden using the 'can't see fields' action were still showing up on mobile. These fields are hidden.

Client Menu Search
Bug fix

When text is entered in the "Client" menu search, it is directed to the error screen, the problem is solved.

Tab Color Regulation
Bug fix

Fixed the tab color disappearing.

  • In version 2.6, this error that occurred after registration was fixed, but when some actions were run, the same error was received again. It has been corrected.

Creating a new user with the same username is blocked
Bug fix

Creating a new client user with the same UserName is blocked.