Support for TLS 1.0 has been removed. We recommend that our customers make operating system and security updates on their servers.

The Value Added to the Address Line is Updated in the Related Field of the Form
New Feature

With the &search=field:value information added to the Address Line, it is possible to update the value in the form.

Documentation :
Not Losing Messages Added by the User

Messages added by the user with the "Show Message" action remained constant in the project as long as they were not closed. The given message has been made to disappear automatically.

The slowness in the query wizard has been resolved.
Bug fix

In projects running on our Cloud platform, the problem of slowness caused by the timeout error encountered in the query wizard when the Integration database is empty has been resolved.

Added Smtp Relaying feature.
New Feature

With the UseRelaying setting added to the Web.config file, you will now be able to use the SMTP Relay feature in sending mail. In your On Prem environment, if your SMTP authentication allows the relaying feature, you can set this value to "1" and send mail. The default value should be "0".

Work Required to Remove the Platform's DTC Requirement

In previous versions of the Xpoda platform, multi-server installations required the DTC service to run on the database server and the web server, and mutual access to the network. With this new update, the platform's dependency on the DTC service has been removed.

Responsive Formlarda Kullanılmayan Özelliklerin Kaldırılması

Responsive formlarda kullanılmayan  Width, From Left/ Top özelliklerinin responsive formlardan gizlenmesi sağlandı.

Fixed Not Displaying List on Mobile
Bug fix

Fixed the issue where the list was not displayed when the "Auto extend" feature was turned off in the mobile app.

Error Table Edits

Repeated errors in the XPODA_ERROR_LOGS table have been cleared and logs can be followed more easily.

Client multi-language switch
Bug fix

The text in other languages ​​remained the same when switching to different languages ​​using the client multi-language feature.

List Rows gives height
Bug fix

Fixed the issue where the width was not detected in the client when resizing the list rows.

Sql Query field change in actions
Bug fix

By changing the SQL Query field in the actions, Sql Server, C# Library, Web Service, Pod Api features can be used. Fixed an issue where changing this field would not detect the change.

TLS1.2 is Provided to Use in Mail Sends

Security Improvement: TLS1.2 is enabled for Xpoda Platform mail sending.

We recommend that our customers turn off their TLS1.0 support on their servers.