Feb 2, 2021

Digitized processes, challenges overcome...

Atasay was introduced to the speed of Xpoda and moved its manually managed business processes to the digital environment.

Issues that directly affected business processes and efficiency before Xpoda

  • Within Atasay, receiving advance and expense requests from personnel and tracking the related approval processes could not be managed digitally.
  • There were difficulties in important stages such as tracking and reporting requests. This situation brought with it serious losses of time.
  • The time spent in this process caused workforce productivity to decrease.

What We Changed

With the use of the Xpoda No Code Platform, it became possible to transfer the necessary processes to the digital environment. Thanks to forms specially developed for advance, expense and payment requests, employees can now easily submit their requests using their computers, phones or tablets. Dynamic workflows specific to these requests were integrated into the software, greatly simplifying the monitoring and management of all approval processes.

Customized reporting screens were designed for both managers and staff, according to their authority levels. In this way, everyone had the opportunity to analyze data in accordance with their roles.

Thanks to Xpoda's dynamic, fast and user-friendly design tools, process tracking was quickly moved to the digital platform, allowing workflows to be managed more efficiently. Now, tracking processes in the digital environment can be done in a much shorter time with the ease provided by XPoda.


Data Security: Thanks to digital request and approval processes, data was managed reliably and accurately. This prevented errors and data loss.
Speed and Efficiency: Thanks to digital processes, workflows have accelerated and efficiency has increased. Faster results were obtained compared to manual operations.
Accurate Reporting: Accurate and meaningful reports could be created. This provided managers with better decision-making ability.
Time and Labor Saving: Time spent on manual operations has decreased. This increased labor productivity.
Traceability and Audit: Digital recording of all processes facilitated traceability and audit processes.
Ease of Mobile Use: Personnel; They can now easily make requests and manage approval processes via their computers, phones or tablets.
Competitive Advantage: Digital and integrated processes have increased the competitiveness of the company. It provided the ability to respond to software needs within the company more quickly and flexibly.

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