Enkay Ticaret


With 20 years of experience, Enkay has consistently been one of the leading organizations in the sectors it operates in. In the diverse fields where Enkay is active, the sales and distribution sector stands out as the most crucial. Operating across Turkey, its regional directorates and branches distribute esteemed brands to customers in different regions.

Product Distribution Management Project

In the sales-to-distribution process, the entry of product and pricing information into the accounting system was making the invoicing and delivery note process lengthy and cumbersome. Additionally, manually processed invoices incurred additional costs for the company due to separate handling.

How did we reach a solution?

Following an analysis tailored to the company's needs, we transferred order data to a program with suitable screen designs. Integration into the company's accounting system allowed us to segregate incoming orders based on customers, gaining control over invoice and delivery note entries. This significantly reduced the company's time and incurred costs.

Another Success Story with Xpoda

  • Successful integration resulted in high-speed data entry.
  • Efficient control and flow of the invoicing process were achieved.
  • Substantial reduction in costs such as incurred charges, leading to significant savings.
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