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Founded in 2003, the company specializes in the sale and after-sales services of black and white photocopiers, color digital photocopiers, monochrome laser printers, color printers, and wide-format printers.

Collection Reminder Management Project

The challenges faced in identifying delayed payments from customers and tracking the process were causing prolonged and exhausting situations for the company, especially in controlling payment deadlines.

How was Digitization Implemented?

Automated emails were set up to notify the company when the payment deadlines of its customers had passed. These emails also offer customization options, allowing the company to share notes with customers and indicate whether the collection has been completed or not. Through this systematized project, the company now manages reminders for overdue payments much more easily.

Xpoda = Streamlined Workflow

Let's revisit the company's new collection process with Xpoda:

  • Elimination of complex and lengthy reminder processes
  • Prevention of manual generation of customer reports
  • Facilitation of process tracking, replacing challenging communication channels and procedures with access to all customers with a single click
  • Establishment of a more transparent workflow for customers
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