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Wiak Bakemarkt has been introducing groundbreaking brands in bakery products to customers for years. Pioneering a period of innovation in chain store operations with a bakery model and approach, the company, through its network and infrastructure, has been providing impeccable service nationwide for all technical queries, follow-ups, support, and issue resolution.

Success in Data Processing

Managing the company's technical service information through Excel was making the technical service process complex and disorderly. This led to both customer data and time loss, making the process inefficient. To find a solution, specific digitalization designs and integration operations were planned for the company.

Achievement: Digital Technical Service Management

At the project's conclusion, the company processes technical service requests through unique form designs, managing the technical service process through an application. Consequently, the company avoids data loss, controls operations through reports, and sets a roadmap for its own development. Digitalizing the technical service process increased data processability, enabling the company to manage its operations faster and more accurately.

The Speed of Xpoda

Completing the digitalization process, the company manages technical service through the Xpoda platform. At the latest stage:

  • Service requests within the technical service process are entered into a service request form.
  • These requests are sent to users in the company's technical service department.
  • Users carry out service procedures based on these requests.
  • Operations performed can be tracked through reports.
  • Company executives can easily monitor technical service processes.
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