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Founded in 2008 in Istanbul, Kontrolmatik operates with two factories—one in operation in Ankara and another in construction—as well as multiple offices in various countries. The company's primary focus lies in providing turnkey solutions to industrial facilities in sectors such as energy production, transmission, and distribution, oil & natural gas, transportation, food & beverage, mining, smart agriculture & fertilizers, and other industries like cement, paper, iron-steel, and chemicals. They specialize in auxiliary power plant facilities, operational technologies, industrial software, control and security systems, telecommunications, data processing, and power systems coupled with internet of things (IoT) solutions.

A Digital Touch to E-Invoice Approval Process

The company faced difficulties in identifying immediate field-based purchases and their origins independently from the purchasing department's approval process. Invoices were printed and taken to the purchasing department, but obtaining the necessary signatures for approval took a considerable amount of time. Additionally, at month-end, the accounting department manually processed all these invoices for the approval or rejection procedures.

How was Digitization Achieved?

Invoices for purchases made outside the purchasing approval processes were transferred to the Xpoda System. Clients were defined for purchasing authorities, and these invoices were automatically directed to approval-rejection screens. Invoices for new clients were routed to the respective individuals. Consequently, the company eliminated excess staff required to manage the approval-rejection processes for incoming e-invoices, inefficiencies in time, and the unhealthy operational state of this process.

Gains with Xpoda

  • Making purchase orders and approvals traceable within the system.
  • High operational speed in processes detailing which field manager approved purchase invoices, how payments were made, and terms like payment deadlines.
  • Implementing automatic rejections in the Xpoda system for invoices received beyond a specific date, typically after the last week of the working month, applicable only to commercial invoices.
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