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Univar Solutions is a global partner in chemical distribution. Through its global networks, it offers its customers the latest components needed to formulate better and more sustainable solutions, presenting specialized chemicals in the most comprehensive manner in the industry.

Univar Solutions Warehouse Management Project

The company faced coordination issues between bulk and packaged stocks during warehouse goods reception, resulting in unpredictability and delays between sales orders, warehouse operations, and stock replenishments. Due to the lack of alignment between different units, warehouse efficiency remained low. Manual processes complicated stock control and hindered efficient use of warehouse space.

Heading Towards a Solution

The new system introduced a coordination mechanism through two separate modules for warehouse demands and operations, managing processes such as demand control, trip planning, and in-warehouse tasks. Approving demands increased the accuracy of operations, empowering warehouse staff to pre-plan future tasks. Integrating product certifications into the system strengthened customer communication and ensured smooth execution of shipment processes.

The Xpoda Impact

  • Specifically planning goods reception operations, especially for bulk stock, in line with physical capacity.
  • Generating ready-for-sale stock during goods reception and expediting shipping processes during sales operations.
  • Integrating warehouse operations approved by authorized users into the microsystem to automate related micro purchase and sales invoices, sending sales invoices to GIB (Revenue Administration) and retrieving them.
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